Did you know that improperly recycled refrigerators can have
a huge ecological impact?

To make sure that hundreds of abandoned fridges are properly recycled, our Brigade will be making the round of Montreal during the long moving weekend.


The refrigeration appliances responsibly recovered in 2022 alone
prevented the release of

95,000 kilos of GHGs

into the atmosphere. That's the equivalent of driving a small SUV 475,000
 – more than 11.9 times the circumference of the earth!

3,400 kilos of raw materials recycled!

  • Insulating foam: 354 kg
  • Refrigerant gas: 22 kg
  • Contaminated oil: 9 kg
  • Plastic, metal and glass: 3,015 kg

In fact, up to 96% of a responsibly manufactured fridge can be recycled.

A collaboration with GoRecycle